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X-ray diagnostics department

Ray diagnostics is the section of medicine applying radiation for research into the structure and function of normal and pathologically changed organs and systems of humans for prevention and recognition of diseases.

Ray diagnostics department of “Ogonek” utilises the following types of researches: radiodiagnosis, ultrasonic diagnostics, thermal photography.

Radiodiagnosis is method of research based upon obtaining a projected image of the organism’s anatomic structures by passing X-rays through them and registering the level of X-ray radiation’s refraction.

Despite the fact that this method has been applied for over 100 years (the first X-ray picture was made in 1895), nowadays it hasn’t lost its importance and remains one of the main methods of diagnosis of  the bone and articulation system’s defects.

The X-ray diagnostics office of “Ogonek” is equipped with the modern X-ray system Q-Rad-DS-3 that make it possible to receive qualitative roentgenograms with possibility of long-term storage in digital form and printing on a thermofilm quickly and with minimum ray loads.

The X-ray intra oral device ENDOS ACP allows us to produce roentgenograms of teeth and it’s an irreplaceable method of diagnostics in bringing dentistry help to our patients.

Ultrasonic diagnostics is a method of situation’s determination, the form, value, structure and movement of organs and tissues, and also the pathological centers with the help of ultrasonic radiation. Ultrasonic diagnostics took their place in an arsenal of doctors of practically any specialty, including orthopedists-traumatologists.

The office of ultrasonic diagnostics of “Ogonek” is equipped with an ALOKA SSD-1100 ultrasound scanner. The method is applied successfully, including for diagnostics of a series of diseases and injuries of locomotor system when it is necessary to research structures which are X-ray "transparent". 

Medical thermovision (thermal photography) is method of diagnostics based on registration of infrared radiation on a surface of person’s skin. Now thermal photography can be applied to the diagnostics of over 100 diseases as there is a direct link of skin effects with processes occurring in an organism.

Thermovision diagnostics is absolutely safe and harmless to patients and medical staff and it’s an effective method for early diagnostics of diseases even before their clinical manifestation, and also for monitoring over treatment and rehabilitation processes.

The office of computer thermovision “Ogonek” is equipped with a computer thermovision complex of "TISA" that for many years has been applied successfully to the diagnosis of a series of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system (osteochondroses, arthritises, arthrosis, compression spinal fractures), and also accompanying changes of cardiovascular and nervous systems.