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The St. Petersburg State budgetary institution of health care «Children's Rehabilitation Center of Orthopedics and Traumatology "Ogonyok" was founded on February 12, 1958 for the treatment of children’s who had suffered poliomyelitis.
There was a world epidemic of poliomyelitis, so hundred beds were made in the settlement of the Mill Stream of the Vsevolozhsk region in the manner of a military barracks. Medical wards, school, dining room and administration were situated in the separate Finnish houses with coal heating. Almost all staff lived nearby in the same conditions. From physiotherapy were widely applied woolen concealment, ozokerit, physiotherapy exercises and baths. The special pool with wooden flooring was constructed in summer on the lake next to the sanatorium. In spite of primitive living conditions and remoteness from Leningrad, children were taken out to the circus and theaters by the bus. Famous actors came to visit children. By the beginning of the 60th year, the battle against the poliomyelitis epidemic had been won and "Ogonyok" began to accept children with noninfectious malfunction of the locomotive system.
In August 1967, the establishment moved to Strelna to the building  of old boarding school № 59 which was in an awful state. Thanks to the staff, the premises were given a face lift, and the surrounding area was tidied up and the winter garden and nature corner were renovated. Invaluable experience, acquired in the first decade, found new applications. New medical offices were being opened, quality of treatment was rising, the foundations of conservative orthopedics were being laid, and the staff was increasing. The traditions of the establishment were being affirmed. Among the chief physicians headed it, are such remarkable names, as: Sadikova M. A., Goncharov B. V., Belozerov I.F., Krukov Y.B., Sinitsky Y.F.
Since 1996 The Center has been headed by Doctor of Medicine, professor Mikhail Georgiyevich Dudin.
Nowadays,  the Centre has been almost completely re-equipped with the latest medical and diagnostic equipment, many projects were realized with regard to building modernization: the immuno-fermental laboratory was opened; offices of magnito-impulse therapy, low-intensive magnetotherapy, laser therapy; balneary; gym; two pools were constructed; the teenage department was opened; the new administrative building was constructed; the boiler room was completely reconstructed for using gas; complete overhaul was performed of the heating system of the buildings; all departments of the establishment have been repaired; re-equipped and renovation of establishment’s school has been completed (the modern language and computer classrooms were organized,  video classroom of history, office and educational equipment was acquired); the nutrition unit and children's dining room were repaired and converted.
New methods of diagnostics and treatment are being put into practice. Professors, Doctors of Medicine and candidates of medical sciences, doctors, nurses and teachers of the highest qualification category work in the Center. Early diagnostics of orthopedic and attendant pathology, and pathogenetic treatment of it became the main focus of doctors. Such comprehensive scientifically reasonable approach in diagnostics and treatment of children's orthopedic pathology allowed the establishment to become a world leader. This is  confirmed by heightened interest in the Center’s work from scientists-physicians of the USA, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Poland and other countries. In particular, presenting M. G. Dudin with first prize of the GICD in 1998, world famous professor Jean Debyusse said that in questions of conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis Rehabilitation center "Ogonyok" worked in the XXI century.