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Dental room

The dental room in Children's Rehabilitation Center of Orthopedics and Traumatology "Ogonyok" is equipped with the newest facilities of 2010 called "Dart", making it possible to  apply innovative technologies for teeth’s treatment. Ultrasonic nozzles, optical equipment of an air-turbine handpiece with observance of  modern standards at each stage of hard tooth tissues preparation determine high-quality treatment. Dental device is equipped with the system of automatic disinfection, giving of distilled water and pure air to handpiece.
Treatment-and-prophylactic work is carried out by the children's stomatologist of the highest category. In case of arriving children survey, including being on bed rest, the stomatologic status and bite pathology are detected, the stomatologic card is made up.
For uncomplicated forms of caries treatment the preparations containing fluorine and preparations on basis of Calcium Hydroxide are used.
For complicated forms of caries treatment is carried out under anesthesia in consultation with the pediatrist, considering child’s allergic and somatic status. Endodontic treatment and obturation of permanent tooth canals is carried out only after radiodiagnosis taking into account completeness of roots formation. In the process of treatment the preparations containing calcium and possessing of anti-inflammatory action and stimulating ApexiFication are applied. There is an electronic apex locator i-Pex for determination of roots canals length, for endodontic processing - an ultrasonic handpiece Sonic-Air.
There are conformance certificates for all medicines and dental filling material. Sterilization of tools is carried out by the nurse daily.
Equipment: ultrasonic washer, ozone sterilizer, curbstone with ultraviolet lamps for sterile tools keeping.